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About Vintage Blak

Vintage Blak was established in 2018. The company is devoted to shifting the narrative of the color black and seeks to show the world that black is “more than a color.” The name Vintage Blak was inspired by the fact that black is the basis for all other colors, which means no other colors are formed without the color black. Vintage Blak is committed to displaying positive images to inspire and encourage a black audience. For years, the color black has had a negative societal connotation, and the mission of Vintage Blak is to reverse the ugliness that is often associated with things and people that are “black.” There is beauty and power in blackness, and Vintage Blak has a significant hand in reiterating this concept. The fashionable items offered by Vintage Blak are unisex and designed to be both trendy and comfortable. Vintage Blak is a brand that appeals to young professionals, middle-aged consumers and seasoned creatives who want to dress in a way that shows off their artistic sense of style. The brand carries a variety of sweatsuits, denim outerwear, t-shirts, and parkas, and is expanding to offer more quality pieces that make consumers feel at ease during leisure time or casual workdays. This fall, Vintage Blak will release the 7th Degree Capsule Collection, as well as limited edition denim jackets and parkas. Dre (better known as Allblackdre) is the founder of Vintage Blak. He is a native of Atlanta, GA. Dre is a solo artist and a member of the group Levi Johnson. He often wore black clothing when performing with Levi Johnson, and this gave him the inspiration to start Vintage Blak. The color represented a since of aesthetic pleasure and power, and he wanted to give consumers the chance to experience the strength and sophistication of blackness as well. Vintage Blak offers stellar customer service and convenient purchasing options to make the brand accessible to everyone. In a world where blackness is often shunned, Vintage Blak strives to send the message, in fashion and principle, that black is, indeed, beautiful.

/blak/: More than a Color

VintageBlak was started to show the world the beauty in Black culture, through fashion. Each piece is created to promote a sense of expression through comfortable Fashion-forward ideas and vintage images of the past. The beauty in the color /blak/ is timeless. We celebrate the power in that. /blak/ is More Than a Color. VintageBlak is a company that believes in Crafting Mirrors We Can See Ourselves In. /Blak/ is the foundation of all colors, without it no other color exists. Therefore /Blak/ is more than a color.
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